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I am a big fan of drillable financial statements and reports as they enable readers to drill up, drill down, or drill around to instantly view supporting or related data.
In addition to the two wells to be drilled in 2017, MRPAM recognizes that the Company's quality portfolio of drillable prospects will require additional time for drilling programs to be undertaken in 2018 and beyond.
Both of these plays can be readily advanced to drillable prospect status with the existing 3D seismic data for drilling in 2014.
It is a high-speed drillable reaming system that enables casings and intermediate liners to be landed at target depth first time.
The group writes: "If we assume only 8 HVHF wells per square mile, the impact on Tompkins County (300,000 drillable acres, 469 square miles) is: 3,752 wells, 770 million to 3.
In mid-2011, the partners plan to start acquiring 3D seismic to high-grade Alpha and Gamma into drillable prospects.
This automatic analysis feature provides developers a list of issues to fix by providing a transcript of the entire session viewed in a single, drillable report.
Some companies are using very inferior technology, " south Sudan 's Minister for Presidential Affairs Luka Biong told Reuters, adding 30-40 percent of drillable oil in some areas was wasted.
Channel-based content indicators provide usage reports drillable by days, weeks and months.
Soltero called his company's project "a class A drillable prospect with reasonable chances of success .
Prima also has an extensive undeveloped acreage position and 1,600 drillable locations
BULLETIN BOARD: LXRS) has closed the lease of a further 440 acres of drillable gas target in the Coal Creek CBM Gas Prospect ("Coal Bed Methane") located in Hughes and Pittsburg Counties, in the State of Oklahoma.