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He tested the steering device, and overlooked the mighty cogs which transmitted its marvelous velocity to the giant drill at the nose of his strange craft.
The wild racing of the giant drill betokened that it was running loose in AIR--and then another truth flashed upon me.
On Japan's advice, in the beginning, she had expelled from the Empire all Western missionaries, engineers, drill sergeants, merchants, and teachers.
Johnny Dooit was present, and of course he proved he could do wonders in the way of eating, as well as in everything else that he undertook to do; the Tin Woodman sang a love song, every one joining in the chorus; and the wooden soldiers from Merryland gave an exhibition of a lightning drill with their wooden muskets; the Ryls and Knooks danced the Fairy Circle; and the Rubber Bear bounced himself all around the room.
he shouted, in his rich voice, that always rang out so loudly at drill, and set the windows shaking now.
Raffles, seated on a skylight, and leaning over one of the officers' long chairs, in which reclined a girl in a white drill coat and skirt--a slip of a girl with a pale skin, dark hair, and rather remarkable eyes.
As he spoke a white drill skirt fluttered past the open state-room door, and I caught a glimpse of an upturned moustache beyond.
Poulter, the village schoolmaster, who, being an old Peninsular soldier, was employed to drill Tom,--a source of high mutual pleasure.
As you evaluate each of the drills in your agility-training package, you must ask yourself whether the drills have the positive carry-over to your athletes' movement requirements.
Emergency response drills are categorized by complexity.
Northern Anadarko Basin -- The company drills primarily on its significant inventory of acreage (approximately 68,000 gross acres) located along the northern portion of the Anadarko Basin.
At Michigan State, we use a battery of agility drills to achieve our goal, with our staff determining the primary emphasis of each: