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And it's not a thick beer, but a very drinkable effort.
That led to a doctorate at McGill University, where she switched from cotton to paper and achieved her nano-breakthrough that was the source of The Drinkable Book.
The makers of the new drinkable sunscreen say their product allows for 30 times more sun exposure "than normal.
Through the project facilities and PUI Foundation launches a competitive dialogue procedure to meet the following needs - Equip the pharmacy an automated solution for the production and delivery of registered drinkable doses.
The Gulf is also home to dozens of offshore oil rigs and loading facilities which could pose a threat to drinkable water supplies in the event of a large leak like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.
The analysis reveals traces of a what may have been a drinkable type of water that dates to the first billion years of Martian history.
much more refreshing, drinkable beverage than most of these double IPAs.
We proved that seven months ago when our drinkable kefir flew off the shelf during the Fall 2011 Collection shows, and that's why we're returning with both drinkable and frozen kefir.
A contract for supply of drinkable water for the inhabitants of Na'awan villages in Najran villages in Najran Region, at a cost of SR 924,000.
IT SOUNDS like a pretty crazy idea to pack wooden barrels of beer into a hot and damp boat for six months and ship it half way across the world - and expect it to be drinkable at the other end.
Summary: The world's oldest drinkable champagne was corked on Wednesday in Mariehamn, Finland, after nearly two centuries under water.