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But there also can be a tendency toward drinking too much.
At the end of a month, tumors in animals drinking the spiked water were twice as large as those in mice getting plain drinking water, Tan reported.
The first review concludes that "the hypertensive patient over the age of 60 who drinks over 16 drinks per week should be advised to reduce his or her alcohol intake but a daily drink may be advisable and the patient should not stop drinking entirely.
City and sheriff's officials are handing out red ribbons to remind people of the dangers of drinking and driving.
drinking age--21, the world's highest--have adopted the DOJ's finding as if it were handed down from Mount Sinai.
More than 500,000 college students are assaulted each year by someone who has been drinking, according to the Center for College Health and Safety (www2.
We have evidence that drinking sweetened soft drinks will lead to an increased risk of obesity.
Although using Ecstasy has decreased for the first time since 1991 and its use perceived as a greater risk by the students, the rates of heavy or binge drinking have not declined and remain at an elevated level.
In contrast, binge drinking in the last trimester of pregnancy was not associated with the likelihood that an infant was small for gestational age, but heavy alcohol consumption at this rime was associated with sharply elevated odds (4.
Gastrointestinal infections of Aeromonas species are generally considered waterborne; for this reason, Aeromonas hydrophila has been placed on the United States Environmental Protection Agency Contaminant Candidate List of emerging pathogens in drinking water.
She rests these broad assertions on her narrower investigation into workers' drinking practices.