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Gibbs does not recommend drinking most fruit juices, since they are too concentrated to quickly replenish lost minerals and fluids.
The review concludes, "Put simply, for the majority of those in a Western environment who control their drinking and its circumstances, up to one drink a day in women or one or two drinks a day in men appears to be associated with the greatest net health benefits and the lowest risk .
Yet the supposedly impartial federal bureaucracy still claims the drinking age has been as successful as the polio vaccine.
The 22-year-old frat member of Phi Kappa Tau was a student at Bradley University (IL) when he celebrated the end of the Greek system's fall rush by hour-upon-hour drinking on a Saturday.
8%), but proportions among women who did and did not drink during the last trimester of pregnancy were similar, regardless of the level of drinking.
Aeromonas is ubiquitous in water, including chlorinated drinking water (5-7).
Phillips adroitly traces the conflict between traditional drinking and the Soviet regime's values.
Amazingly, much of the recommended daily nutritional requirements can be met simply by drinking a bottle of Vitamin Water.
SOCIOLOGISTS HAVE NOTED the influence of cultural factors on drinking behavior since the early part of this century (Ullman 1958; Bales 1946; MacAndrew and Edgerton 1969; Straus 1984; Bacon 1991; Engs, Slawinska, and Hanson 1991; Heath 1991).
Officers also cited such reasons as a lack of juvenile detention facilities or inadequate space inside existing centers, the lack of significant punishment for teen alcohol use, and disagreement with some of the laws regulating underage drinking, especially the illegality of alcohol consumption by adults ages 18 through 20.