drive back

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Next was Orlando for the tradeshow crap and nearer to the inevitable drive back to San Diego.
He was forced to drive back to the pub on Glasnevin Avenue where he and other staff who were cleaning the pub were locked in a storeroom.
It's not one you're going to drive back and forth to work every day,'' Messmer said.
Chris Gomez followed with a line drive back at Ortiz, who was able to deflect the ball toward Kennedy at second base.
Tired from the 60-mile drive back, Batz left his accordion and other gear locked inside the camper shell of his pickup truck.
Anderson used to drive 3 1/2 hours from her Fresno home to watch Huff play when he was on the junior varsity and freshman teams, and then drive back home afterward.
The 25-mile drive back to the lodge in the dark is more than enough to take on.
Terrie was in town buying a swimming pool - the newest addition to their ``Casa de Luna'' lounge - and couldn't drive back to the house to get them out as police ordered an evacuation.