drive into

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Inserting the drive into the docking module allows the unit to run at internal drive speeds, achieving transfer rates of up to 66MB/sec.
Consumers can simply plug a U3 smart drive into a PC's USB port and use the intuitive U3 Launchpad menu, which pops up on the computer desktop, as their gateway to a highly personalized computing experience.
It won't be as deep as the current DLT drives, making it easier to integrate the drive into automation devices or into enclosures.
U3 powered USB smart drives transform the USB flash drive into a private, portable and protected workspace that simply plugs into any PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
Gigabytes of removable storage can be added by simply plugging an IDE Ultra DMA 33/66 or ATA-100/133 hard disk drive into the ADS Tech Native Bridge Board inside the drive kit's enclosure.
But the crucial role that hard drives play, especially in today's digital Consumer Era, has transposed the previously lowly hard drive into what's now a bragging right.