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This effort embodies a deep belief that people should have greater access to movies and that families should experience the fun of going to the drive-in, said Bill Dever, Managing Director of USA Drive-Ins.
Easy-to-Use HR Solution will Assist America's Drive-In Identify the Right Candidates and Reduce Employee Turnover
Food Trucks and Pop-Up Theatre Add-Ons Also in cooperation with USA Drive-Ins LLC, Johnny Rockets will configure a pop-up theatre prototype with a combined mobile restaurant that allows owners to create a dinner and movie combination in a myriad of venues, throughout the country.
The first Bob's Big Boy restaurant was opened in the 1930s on Colorado Boulevard in Glendale by Bob Wian and was one of the nation's first drive-ins.
They are all about food and fun and they are passionate about the drive-in, too.
The five drive-in theaters set to receive a new digital projector from Honda's Project Drive-In were determined by the over two million votes received from Aug.
One of the notable achievements in fiscal 2011 was company drive-in sales performance.
Beyond supplying digital projectors, Project Drive-In raised more than $43,000 at the Save the Drive-In Fund at Indiegogo (http://www.
It's important to help preserve this American icon, and we're excited to see the benefits of digital projection at Saco Drive-In and their local community," said Alicia Jones, Manager of Honda Social Media at American Honda Motor Co.
The United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association figures 50 to 60 theaters have already converted.
4% for company drive-ins and declined an estimated 0.