driving force

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The line-up of the band has changed since the 60s, but founder member and guitarist Paul Kantner is still the band's driving force
London is the huge driving force behind our recovery.
The newly-merged entity will be known as BDS Driving Force.
The move will see the company hiring up to 30 recruitment consultants and administrative staff during 2012 - tripling the size of the Driving Force workforce from 15 to 45.
With the FAs, it is our intention to become a driving force behind football supporting the senior and grass roots game across the whole of the UK.
The features of Brother's lock stitchers encompass the direct drive system, which minimizes loss of driving force being transmitted to the mechanism.
The successful marriage of tradition with innovation has been the driving force behind BDC's success in assisting thousands of Canadian entrepreneurs for over 60 years.
To illustrate the intense speeds that Force and his racing team attain in their dragsters, A&E's Driving Force is sponsoring a number of Six Flags thrill rides, including:
Judy Wieder, the driving force behind editorial content and vision at LPI Media, left her position as corporate editorial director on March 22.
Of course, the driving force should be the accomplishment of the institution's medical goals, but real estate should be aligned to those goals.
In answer to Jim Jones' question, it has been well established that the main driving force behind the meridional circulation of the North Atlantic conveyor belt, with ultimate worldwide impacts, is the descent of cold high-density saline water into the abyssal ocean at high northern latitudes.
It is now imperative for businesses to be able to navigate a vast labyrinth of multi-venue, multifaceted law," says Paul Smith, a partner at Eversheds and the driving force behind the Web guide.