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Watch foliage for color changes and droopiness, signs of stress.
But researchers looked for skin tone, droopiness, shape and areola size.
Coccidiosis affects the intestines and the symptoms are reduced feed consumption, rapid weight loss, droopiness, ruffled feathers (they look like they are cold, with their back hunched up), diarrhea and mucus or red in the droppings.
Looking back I'd known for nearly 30 years that one day I'd need plastic surgery on my eyes, because my mother and my aunt suffered the same droopiness.
It has also come up with a sexy equation to work out which celebrities are the most bootylicious, with the Truly Great Derriere Score comparing droopiness, roundness and firmness to touch.
Using one of the new heated eyelash curlers such as Lash Wand (pounds 25, from Space NK nationwide) makes eyes look more alert by "upturning" the outer corners where tiredness and droopiness show first.