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HABIT: Tense, brittle arms In contrast to droopy arms, some performers battle stiff arms accented by tense hands.
Witnesses said he looked gormless and had droopy eyelids.
Good to see Monmore trainer Kim Billingham's name back amongst the open race winners at Doncaster last week, with Redbrick Droopy taking the sprint.
Who was the creator of Droopy the dog, Bugs Bunny and many others?
D19009 _2 WEIGHING IN: Kennel hand Nikki Haywood with Droopy Diaz watched by Malcolm Francis and chief paddock steward Russ Watkin
He has no eyes to speak of, a crooked smile, and two droopy antennae.
Have you ever noticed in those glossy, fancy holster catalogs all the models are well-starched, nary a hair out of place and the leather they sport fits trimly, with no bulges, droopy pants or pot bellies getting in the way?
BELLE VUE staged their heats of the Bags/SIS 500 yesterday, and Nigel Saunders' DYNAMO DROOPY set the standard in heat one as he beat Bev Heaton's Rock On Toots in 28.
36 (450m): Barnish Celtic, Tornaroy Tour, Mayfield Stream (M), Dalcash Droopy (M), Curryhills Irl (M), Elwick Roopy (M).
She moaned about bringing up kids, earning a crust, her droopy breasts, and flipped up her T-shirt to show her saggy tum.