drop off

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The drop off was held from 10am to 2pm, with volunteers on hand.
Having listened to feedback, our solution improves the customer experience and provides passengers with a choice of where to drop off and pick up at the airport.
She said they are safe drop off points, which are often businesses that keep the mail in a secure place until it is collected.
I noticed while dropping off the other day that the drop off zone now has a limit of five minutes, so if there is a queue to exit most people will probably pay to drop off.
The pounds 2m scheme has included a streamlined rapid pick up and drop off zone, redevelopment of the short stay car park and improved pedestrian walkways.
There will be sheds for people to drop off their old paint cans, oil and other materials that should not be put in with their regular trash,'' he said.
To promote safe driving when encountering a drop-off, the AAA Foundation developed "Over the Edge and Back: What to do if you drop off the pavement edge," a brochure that explains what drivers should do, and what they should avoid doing, if they drive off the road.
Parking restrictions were introduced after a security alert in August and means no-one can drop off outside the airport.
Now people can drop off their wares at any UPS location to be sent to AuctionDrop free of charge.
Net2Auction is a leading provider of auction drop off services that allow people to easily sell their items on eBay by dropping unwanted goods off at company locations.