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Munson got caught in a lengthy rundown, in which Lowe got involved, and Bill Mueller dropped the ball, allowing Munson to reach third.
Carr received an early Christmas present a minute into the second half when Murphy dropped the ball at his feet and he tapped home.
Unfortunately, in the interim years I feel like we've dropped the ball and haven't kept up with the changing marketplace, the changing industry," according to Tedd Wildman, a Mattawa wine grape grower and vocal supporter of updating the Foundation Block for the past decade.
Leinart also almost threw two other interceptions but Texas dropped the ball.
Dave worked extremely hard for LSI Logic," recalled Peloquin, "but if LSI ever dropped the ball in some way, he'd put on his Cray hat and work just as hard for us to get a problem straightened out fast.
And on the one issue where their support was needed most - speeding up construction of a car-pool lane on the northbound 405 Freeway - they dropped the ball, failing to pass a bill at all because they were too beholden to the public-employee unions that were opposed.
That became crystal clear when the PSRC dropped the ball on the Sea-Tac supplemental airport process.