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Has fear of frosts and droughty weather kept you from completing your planting this year?
This is an aging forest growing on thin, droughty soils, a dense woodland stressed for nutrients from lack of thinning, its trees suffering from various funguses, root rot, and the debilitating effects of two consecutive years of serious drought.
They have not thrown out the true homesteading philosophy that brought their forebears through many a hard, cold winter, or a blistering hot, droughty summer that destroyed their livelihood yet another year.
Since 2007, there have been major outbreaks in Indiana, and I expect this will continue whenever there are droughty years.
A droughty summer reduces plant vigor, thus reducing the intensity and duration of the display.
Our farm is at the top of a well-drained ridge; we don't have the abundance of large snails and giant slugs that plague gardeners in Pacific states; and our usually droughty warm-weather conditions are not conducive to large populations of the tiny gastropods we do have.
Others have evolved thick, succulent leaves that act as reservoirs, conserving moisture for droughty times.
In South Texas, most shrubs are deciduous during droughty times.
In a droughty soil, it is the fine hair-roots, those that are involved with moisture and nutrient absorption, that are destroyed.
As it was earlier marked, abnormally hot and droughty weather in July-August, 2010 became the main reason for reduction of gardens and berry-pickers yield.
The project focuses on a small patch of wasteland , low agronomic interest ( shallow soils , acid and very droughty summer ) , establishing themselves away from natural environments of interest ( lawns , woods , heaths, scrub , walls ) and eliminating any direct impact on associated species.