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In particular, children aged <5 years were more likely than older children to drown in buckets, baths and private swimming pools, while the majority of older children drowned in rivers, public swimming pools and the ocean.
The RLSS will launch their Don't Drink and Drown campaign next week, to raise awareness amongst UK students to act responsibly near open water sources when under the influence of alcohol, especially during Fresher's Week.
Elizabeth Maxell (Blinn) Drown, 92MARLBOROUGH - Elizabeth Maxell (Blinn) Drown of Marlborough and formerly Natick, passed away at the age of 92 with her family's love surrounding her.
Manila, Muharram 25, 1436, November 18, 2014, SPA -- More than 200 people drown each day in low and
The highest rates for drowning are among children under five years of age, Males are two times more likely to drown than females.
This disparity was greatest at ages 11-12 years; at these ages, blacks drown in swimming pools at 10 times the rate of whites.
So purists say "the poor girl nearly drowned" (because if she did drown, she would be dead).
He said yesterday: "Terrifyingly, an average of 140 Irish people drown in Ireland each year.
MORE than half of people who drown knew how to swim, according to new research by the Royal Life Saving Society.
Drown was hooked instantly; winning the junior title in 1972.
The Question: Are children who had swimming lessons more or less likely to drown than children who haven't had lessons?
2 : to cover with a liquid <She drowns her salad with dressing.