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So to his general trade of household drudge and go-between he added that of gratuitous consultation on the secret maladies of power.
The drudge knew better from long experience, than to hesitate about obeying, so he bundled the victim out by a side-door, and Mr Squeers perched himself again on his own stool, supported by Mrs Squeers, who occupied another at his side.
If he had struck the drudge, he would have slunk away without a word.
You belong with the oxen and the drudges, in dirty surroundings among smells and stenches.
As these patient drudges were mingling their tears, they were notified that they must go on duty again, for one of the political parties had nominated a thief and was about to hold a gratification meeting.
At the order, six men, dressed as common drudges, marched solemnly into the room, each bearing a huge bundle upon his head.
531-544) Then Apollo, the son of Zeus, smiled upon them and said: `Foolish mortals and poor drudges are you, that you seek cares and hard toils and straits
Major media outlets have mistaken the Daily Currant's stories for legitimate news on multiple occasions, most recently last week when the Drudge Report aggregated an (http://dailycurrant.
I might be able to tell my liberal friends I don't read Drudge anymore.
A post on the Drudge Report recently reported that Petraeus, the former commander of American war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, could be added to the list of Romney's choice of vice president.
The column came to the attention of Matt Drudge, the media commentator, and his Drudge Report.
Straus is running internet ads in places where conservatives gather - like the Drudge Report - that emphasize his bona fides.