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DRY. Used figuratively, it signifies that which produces nothing; as, dry exchange; dry rent; rent seek.

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The specific energy consumption was estimated, in all of the three dryers by considering the total energy supplied to dry tomato slices from initial moisture content of about 19.
Almond and peanut are the most favourite dry fruits and their demand is higher than that of others.
After this operation, the fasteners were completely dry but corrosion protection was inadequate.
9 : not producing a wet substance from the body <a dry cough> <dry sobs>
Hoppers have individual heaters and temperature controllers, making it possible to dry different materials at the same time.
Raspberry is Cold and Dry, resembling Earth Element.
If the subject's occupation was dry cleaning, the interview covered length of employment in the dry-cleaning shop, number of workers in the shop, solvents used, and the subject's smoking and drinking habits.
As a next-generation rechargeable battery that can be 'used immediately after purchase', and once charged, 'can be used anytime', 'eneloop' can be used in all devices that till date use dry cell batteries.
The dispersion effect comes from the size reduction of large droplets into smaller droplets at the dry liquid mixing stage.
To measure the moisture in the heavy brush that fills the Angeles National Forest, the experts take plant cuttings, weigh them, then dry them and check their moisture by the change in weight.
If you aim for a true baked potato, merely scrub the skin, dry it off, rub with a bit of oil if you'd like, and bake in a 400-degree oven for about an hour.