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But still, I never found myself fishing in Christian's dry field after that lesson.
Gearing her information toward a target market of fresh graduates and young professionals, the writing is furnished by colorful illustrations and delves into the personal and human aspects of an otherwise dry field.
On our walk through the field we have been following a black hose and now arrive at a sprinkler standing in the middle of the dry field.
At Goose Pond, the least shrew was found in greater numbers than the short-tailed shrew; this is probably due to the previous agricultural and dry field history of the area.
No-till sowing performance under dry field farming conditions, In the 7th International conference on development of dry fields - ICDD, 14-17 September, Tehran, Iran.
Mr Jones said some of the things that would qualify for points - such as creating a pond in a dry field - were simply daft.
That was a very dry field with no personality at all," said Rosa in regards to his stint in accounting.
There are certain situations when a sealant would not be recommended: the presence of behavior management issues, the inability to isolate and maintain a dry field, the presence of decay, pit and fissures that are well coalesced and basically self-cleansing, and any allergies to the sealant material.
An Illinois-based agribusiness consulting firm and an international trader have agreed to export 15,000 tons of dry field peas to Cuba later this year.
FIREBUGS have been warned they could cause a tragedy by setting fire to tinder dry field.
One of the most daunting tasks for Orthodontists during the bonding procedures it the strict maintenance of a dry field, which is often very difficult.