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Five decades after the adoption of the Official Languages Act, and more than 30 years after the enshrinement of linguistic duality in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, language continues to be contentious.
Labor market duality - measured by the ratio between the numbers of new offers for part-time and regular employment - has a negative and significant impact on inclusive growth through its negative impact on average income growth for the full sample and working-age sub-sample.
The duality is carried throughout all of the branding, with all of the shade names in Spanish and the product names in English.
In his opinion, familiarity with basic duality theory is now becoming a necessity for graduate economics students, whether they are interested in economic theory or in empirical applications of economic theory.
The project, taking place at the interface of mathematics and computer science, has the potential to make a significant impact in three different ways: by advancing the research on Stone duality and formal language theory, by facilitating a new collaboration between the European host institute and a world-leading mathematics department in the USA, and by establishing the applicant~s position as a leading young researcher in his field.
Multiobjective fractional programming duality has been of much interest in the recent past.
Using holographic duality, Sonner derived the entangled quarks, and found that what emerged was a wormhole connecting the two, implying that the creation of quarks simultaneously creates a wormhole.
The basic areas of study interested in duality are theology and philosophy.
Sheikh al-Hosani commended the distinguished relations between the Sultanate and the sisterly State of Kuwait, explaining to the guest path of progress in march of Shura in the Sultanate, affirming that the parliamentary duality between the State Council and the Majlis A'Shura helped in overcoming many obstacles in march of the comprehensive development in the Sultanate.
They cover Lie superalgebra ABC,finite-dimensional modules, Schur duality, classical invariant theory, Howe duality, and super duality.