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Alternatively we we may dualize on parabolic sub-Nichols algebras, then partial dualization reduces to the usual Weyl group reflection of the quantum group.
Our approach is to dualize the problem and to examine various approximation properties on the predual.
More than twenty years ago I wrote, "To americanize the Blackman is to dualize, invade, and render dependent upon the metropole and, as such, to strip him to impotence and nil-will .
Returning to the varieties at hand; we rotate them, dualize, recognize them as again being interval positroid varieties, and continue the degeneration.
Details: Oman has issued tenders inviting firms to bid for the project to dualize the 750 km-long Adam-Thumrait stretch of the Nizwa-Thumrait road.
If [Psi] = A [Xi], we construct and dualize the HAA of E ?
Due to the amassed traffic, MCI and CDA decided to dualize Ataturk Avenue to facilitate the traffic, he added.