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Initially, the service roads consist of single lane, however, keeping in view the increasing traffic burden and rapid construction activities by the allottees of Sector D-12, both the service roads are being dualized on war footing.
Four lectures and conference talks cover constructing a local conformal field theory associate to a compact Lie group, a level, and a Frobenius object in the corresponding fusion category; field theory interpretation of certain polynomial invariants associated to knots and links; the homotopy theory construction of far-reading generalizations of the topological field theories that Dijkgraf and Witten associated to finite groups; and the action of the orthogonal group O(n) on the full subcategory of an n-category consisting of the fully dualized objects.
This dualized reading of Shakespeare's androgynous comedies is vital as it exemplifies the transition occurring in England during the emergence of a self-aware Renaissance subject.
Beginning from the earliest formation of the European Community, member states promoted an idea of dualized citizenship that bestowed rights of free movement and internal mobility on their national citizens as opposed to third country nationals.
Flanders dualized teaching into "direct influence" and "indirect influence" (as cited in Silvernail, 1979, p.
As we will see, the name allows Bradley a degree of freedom in crafting and presenting her lyrics, allowing her a dualized masculine and feminine agency.
polarized and dualized choice of nature versus culture characteristic of
And if they cannot compete, they need to find a new game: "The push for competitive results has created a system more and more dualized between big farms with intensive methods and smaller farms moving to the organic niche," explained Destree.
Getting behind the syncretism is necessary because Anzaldua has concluded that the powers of the Serpent are occluded rather than promoted by Maria Guadalupe, the domesticated version of Aztec/Toltec goddesses who had both positive and negative attributes that, she claims, were dualized by the church along the virgin/whore dichotomy:
As a result, China's economy is coordinated via dualized bureaucratic and market modes.
Traditionally, cities have been thought like places of modernity and democracy; nevertheless, contemporary debate about urban impacts of economic transformations is marked by the hypothesis of the emergency of a new socio-spatial order, in the which cities fulfill an exactly inverse paper, with the sprouting of a dualized social structure and a fragmented spatial organization.