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Approximately 87 percent of dually eligible beneficiaries qualify for Medicaid coverage of Medicare cost sharing (MedPAC and MACPAC 2013).
Cloud cameras are dually backed up with on-board SD cards, which are also viewed by the same ControlByNet interface.
The ranks of dually registered advisors are growing fast; and that's reflected in the swelling assets they manage.
Community First elected to implement a dually managed IPI investment program in which the bank has the ability to employ an onsite investment professional to serve their customers in all five of their branches.
Perhaps the most compelling reason for being dually licensed, says Mallett, "is to expand your horizons and your offerings, so you're really providing value to your clients.
We project the headcount growth in the RIA and dually registered channels will continue over the next five years," he added.
8 million common shares will be offered by DMPL through the two bourses, where it is dually listed.
Indeed, we are not confident of the prospects for the dually disadvantaged.
Over the course of 2012, the dually registered channel, within which advisors operate their own RIA practice while also affiliating with an independent broker-dealer, experienced the largest growth rate (21.
Featuring a stringer-bead twist that puts the sharp wire tips at the end of the knot, the DUALLY immediately cuts through slag, spatter, and oxidation.
It has become clear that co-occurrence of these disorders is common and has definite impact on treatment of dually diagnosed patients.
Integrated treatment demands motivated professionals who are able to look beyond established interventions and modify their treatment approaches to fit the complex needs of dually diagnosed youth.