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For these were consistent not only with the conflicting sources of Arthurian tradition and Arthur's historical dubiety but also with higher criticism's repositioning of the bible as a collection of multiple, often mythic accounts that nonetheless referred to an historical figure and a narrative of central cultural and spiritual significance.
Speaking about the session, Amit Garg said, “Mobile learning is an emerging trend in the learning industry, yet there is a sense of dubiety about its success amongst training organizations.
34) Some dubiety rests in the determination of the position of a corporate body due to the fact that in international law they are not considered as 'subjects' and in national law they are not 'citizens'.
The reported shrinkage of the skull strikes a resounding note of dubiety.
but with an awakened dubiety about the scope of a quotation.
Her ex-husband justified his dubiety by saying that he could not rule out the possibility that she might have cheated on him with other men because she had betrayed her family's trust before marriage
The ironic shift between archness and tenderness in the telling of Dexter's story lends emotive ambivalence, at times even dubiety, to his narration.
While such dubiety is understandable considering the beating these financiers took during the near-annihilation of the world's economy, their newfound tightfistedness triggered a significant drop in life sciences and medical device venture funding in the last quarter of 2010.
Among these; apparently Tesco are currently selling a 'Three Lions Salad' (although I believe there may be some dubiety over the authenticity of the lion meat), and a company called EdF is an official sponsor of the England squad.
Their dubiety about Chalmers is well founded--but to declare 1776 and even 1786 safely within "the years in which [Defoe] was still a living memory" and 1790 too late to count seems dangerously arbitrary.
At a meeting with media spokespersons of ministries and government departments, Al Sharif, who is also the Government spokesman, said the media spokesperson should corroborate a news item or statement with accurate information and through avoiding dubiety.
As if to emphasize the dubiety of locating private international