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There was a degree of constitutional dubiety about this arrangement.
They discussed the hazards of the forthcoming campaign for which they had no precedent, with some dubiety.
Though successful mythistory certainly carries enormously powerful persuasive force even after its historical dubiety has been exposed, much mythistory would carry neither the rhetorical force to make it persuasive nor the historical weight to buttress its claims.
26 One outstanding example of this is what Brandauer, 137, calls "the feeling of dubiety.
It is an irony of the first order, bordering on hypocrisy even, that here is a, man-bill Clinton-who assiduously avoided military service when he was eligible, presumably to demonstrate solidarity with justifiable public opposition to a misguided, misconducted war of moral and strategic dubiety in Southeast Asia.
If you look at any European country that lowered the limit before us, and what is happening in Scotland, the research shows it takes away the dubiety.
Individuals with negative self-concept always live their lives with dubiety, uncertainty and tension and all of these states inhibit their abilities and consequently hinder or prevent their success.
Hedged and qualified, Tennyson's scene of "fallen leaves which kept their green" was stalled between the awe of recognizing an apparent presence and corrosive dubiety about what it really was.
The Rocks agreed to go to arbitration on the basis that we were confident there was no dubiety about the facts," said the Scottish franchise in a statement released via the BBL last night.
Such dubiety first arose when Matt Busby, that great force and leader of Manchester United, received a knighthood after winning the European Cup in 1968.
The Bothie is dragged back to confessions of impeded meaning and dramatizes, in the midst of its dubiety, a literal debate between tutor and pupil which exemplifies further problems of how the reliable is (or is not) separated from the mistaken, insight despite obstacle.