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The play marks Barnardine as a reprobate but also insists on the dubiousness of that label.
However, it's important to remember that much of the reason that Taylor's case has attracted attention is due to its extreme dubiousness.
As we shall see in turning to the theory of the sublime, Shelley discerns the political dubiousness of the sublime in two aspects: first, in the concealment that is part of the sublime, its ability to hide its means, in the sense that Longinus means when he writes that the rhetorical sublime conceals its status as rhetoric; and second, in the violence fundamental to the sublime, vis-a-vis its relation to power and dominion.
But despite the dubiousness of such apparent mass "cyberchondria", the highly respected Pew Research Centre says phone surveys do not support "the oft expressed fear that patients are using the internet to self-diagnose and self-medicate without reference to medical professionals.
Decameron's conventional techniques gently guide any viewer to reflect on sexual freedom, the ideological dubiousness of which is expressed in Caterina's enigmatic gaze.
To the extent that they are hyperbolic tokens of the nation-state sovereignty, like all hyperbolae, they reveal a tremulousness, a vulnerability, a dubiousness, an instability at the core of what hey aim to express .
Meanwhile, Pluto has been downgraded from planet status, adding another level of dubiousness to the whole project.
The dubiousness of this idea was deftly captured in a Dilbert cartoon, in which Dogbert (Dilbert's dog) asks his owner:
Given the lack of an objective benchmark for disclosure fullness, as well as the dubiousness of a "more is better" approach, the shift toward defining principles for maximizing the effectiveness of an entity's disclosures, individually and holistically, is most welcome.
Moreover, it does not prevent the increasing insistence on one's sectarian and regional identity in societies that have not yet reached modernity, the established presence of the other sects, and the dubiousness affecting the meanings of the nation, the country, the state and family.
The questions he fielded were uniformly of the antigovernment sentiment: the dubiousness of the debt ceiling, the foolhardiness of taxing the wealthy, the illegal immigrants on Medicaid.
The biting game show exposes the dubiousness of public demands for integration in view of the actual deportation practice in Europe.