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Rorty's response no doubt would be to make his view attractive through rhetoric and imagination, but having lost the persuasive power of truth claims, the pragmatic virtues of his proposal seem dubitable.
The former type is illustrated by Greaves (1594) but it is dubitable whether his criticism refers to the double comparative or the lack of number agreement between noun and verb.
All of this is speculation (or, in the case of mock juries, scientifically dubitable evidence), but after all, such speculation undergirds the institution of the citizen jury in the first place.
The Man has been watching football for a long, long time and cannot recall a more bizarre, improbable, peculiar, unimaginable, freakish, preposterous and dubitable ending.
As discussed above, constraints exist on the state's ability to command equality; and the commitment to gender equality itself is dubitable in light of the contradictions generated by its developmental priorities.
Fanny can only assume that the conveniencies were not accepted if Charles has told her so, and Cleland provides details that render that assumption dubitable.
I will argue both that it is dubitable, and that, even if true, it shows less than Wilson seems to assume.
Even more, Descartes could not have formulated the method and the successive elimination of the dubitable without the French or Latin he employed in the application of the method and thus without knowing his ABCs.