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In both cases, this is probably due to the combination of a disjunctive structure with the dubitative morpheme -m-: the expression of doubt allows the listener to make a choice in his or her response, but it also allows the speaker to distance him- or herself from either the actual statement or the response.
prox = demonstrative proximal, dim = diminuative, du = dual, dub = dubitative, encl = enclitic, fut = future, hab = habitual, ind = indicative, imp = imperative, inten = intentional, inter = interrogative (particle), neg = negative, part = participial, pass = passive, pos = possessor, posm = possessum, pl = plural, rel = relative, sg = singular, sup = superlative, trans = transitive, zero = participial with zero morphology
There is also an interpolated nuk which may be operating both as a dubitative particle ('maybe') and also as an additional syllable for the following two words which make up a dispreferred five syllable sequence.
APPL Applicative BEN Benefactive COM Comitative applicative conj Conjunction DUB Dubitative EMP Emphatic FUT Future IMP Imperative KB Karrbarda song LL Land gender MA Masculine gender NEG Negative NP Non-Past O Object P Past PROX Proximal demonstrative R Realis sg Singular SW Song word (vocable)
3) do not assert the reality of an event or situation and therefore are dubitative by nature, then by analogy the subjunctive is propagated in present and past tense of any verb of affective nature.
He notes that this usage may be associated with doubt, but that such evidentials themselves are not dubitative, as in some languages (such as Nepali) they can be used without encoding any notion of doubt.
of tokens % Reported speech 30 56 24 33 Hearsay 20 37 33 45 Labeling 4 7 12 16 Dubitative 0 0 4 6 Total 54 100 73 100 Total No.
Cela dit, j'aurais aime que certains des auteurs s'expriment d'une maniere un peu plus dubitative vu les assisses encore precaires des theories du developpement territorial.
The overall thrust of the contributions to the volume, though, is rather interrogative, provisional, dubitative, not unlike the dominant tone in Cosmopolitanism.
He also proceeds to show how, in inveighing against Freud's remodeled thesis of the mental apparatus, Lacan strenuously simplifies The Ego and the Id (1923) and misrepresents "its dubitative manner and the range of alternative mental models that it proposes" (19).
Markets - and MEPs - cannot but be dubitative in the fact of such hesitations after a perilous summer.
A study mentioned in the Commission's impact evaluation concludes that the measure would lead to net savings of around 1,169 for companies, but the two associations are dubitative and call for examples.