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DUKE. The title given to those who are in the highest rank of nobility in England.

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Giambattista Bodoni: His Life and His World" goes beyond Bodoni's capacity as a printer; it examines the life and times in which he lived, the turbulent and always fragile political climate, the fascinating cast of characters that enlivened the ducal court, the impressive list of visitors making the pilgrim-age to Parma, and the unique position Parma occupied, politically Italian but very much French in terms of taste and culture.
6) After Juan chastises Mateo for making rude remarks about his presence in the ducal palace, Mateo dismisses Encina's literary merit: "Yo conoco bien tus obras: / todas no valen dos pajas" (75-76).
TATTERSALLS MILLION IRISH CHAMPION STAKES, William Hill bet: 10-11 Sea The Stars, 6-4 Fame And Glory, 6-1 Mastercraftsman, 12-1 Casual Conquest, 33-1 Grand Ducal, 40-1 Lord Admiral, 100-1 Loch Long, 150-1 Rockhampton, Set Sail.
What did those six trombe d'argento blaring away during a ducal procession in Piazza San Marco sound like?
21) On the other hand, as I want to show, the weakened Flemish nobility could rejuvenate itself with fresh blood by marrying families of the new 'state elite' of ducal officers.
The key figure of the exhibition is Amedee VIII, Count of Savoy at the age of eight (1391), raised to ducal status by Emperor Sigismund Luxemburg in 1416 and elected, a widower, pope as Felix V, the last anti-pope, following his ducal abdication in 1440.
Victorian twin pedestal dressing table, pounds 617, stool, pounds 150, Ducal (0845 603 8225)
Regulation: 1991 Insurance Law and Ducal Regulations: amended 1994
Dennis Kozlowski, the company's former CEO, and Mark Swartz, its ex-chief financial officer, who are accused of stealing $600 million from the company to finance ducal lifestyles.
Howell has three years' marketing experience, including roles as marketing communications assistant for Ducal in a business-to-business marketing role and marketing assistant at Fragrance Oils International.
This unusual artifact of Burgundian ducal propaganda subsequently became a central document in a master's thesis written in the department of art history at Urbana.
Antonio Ricci shows how Cosimo held a tight rein over the ducal printer Lorenzo Torrentino and influenced production.