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Mr Duckers said afterwards: "The judge may as well have let him off with nothing.
Ms Duckers was showing her new daughter off to friends and neighbours in the shop at the time.
Set in Scotland where Mr Duckers once worked, the Silly Six's earlier adventures ranged from meeting up with an escaped kangaroo from the local zoo to travelling to Inverness in search of the Loch Ness monster.
Mr Duckers said: "The initial book went well, selling around 650 copies, which I am told is good for a first-time author who does not enjoy the profile of being a media personality.
Duckers obtained his doctorate degree from the Rudolf Magnus Institute in 1993, which preceded his work as a postdoctoral fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research.
Although not the primary study endpoint, the observed reduction in arrhythmias supports the safety of ADRCs in the treatment of patients with an acute heart attack, said Dr Duckers.
Duckers and his colleagues recruited 14 people who had just survived a severe heart attack.
These changes were not statistically significant, but the fat-derived stem cells worked as expected, Duckers said.
Tierney, of Berwick Close, Kensington, claimed he ordered Duckers to leave the unit when he found his illegal trade, but then allowed him to stay a few days so he could find an alternative hideaway.
But Duckers told the Liverpool Crown Court jury the girls burst into his home after reading about his order in a newspaper.
SINGLED OUT: Mike Crisp (left) and runner-up Steve Townsend and mixed doubles winners Peter Dennis and Kate Perkins (left) who beat Janet Robinson and Paul Jennings; DOUBLING UP: Ladies' doubles winners Viv Duckers and Alison Ducker (left) with runners-up Linda Clements and Kay Tomalin.
Duckers has joined the firm as partner in the Antitrust and Trade Regulation Practice Group in San Francisco.