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The yield stress, failure stress, and ductility were modeled as linear functions of crazing stress, relative craze density, and strain rate.
They provide clarity and ductility with chemical resistance, higher flow and UV resistance, and availability with GE's Visualfx light-diffusion specialeffect material.
Weld strength and ductility will be discussed in terms of strength and failure strain averaged over two specimens for each test condition.
Steel has the toughness required to absorb energy through its strength and ductility, or ability to undergo large deformations without fracture," Dr.
A correlation will now be sought between strain rate and ductility of crazed polycarbonate.
However, this model also suggests that elevated temperatures should induce more ductile behavior at low as well as high speeds, that is, the zone of ductility should broaden in strain rate.
ECC also demonstrates significant ductility through the formation of closely spaced, flat, steady-state microcracks.
The beams SR1CSM3, SR1CSM5, SR1WR3 and SR1WR5 showed increase in deflection ductility by 50.
However, the glass-transition temperature (Tg) of OBCs is similar to random ethylene copolymers, which translates into similar low-temperature ductility.
However, individual metalcasting studies have discovered that several manufacturing issues exist with Cu-Bi alloys: cracking, leakers, and lower ductility and tensile strength.
The tester offers complete computer control and impact velocities up to 22 m/sec for rigorous testing in the fields of quality control and R&D to determine important data such as the ductile-to-brittle transition point, ductility, incipient damage, max load, and absorbed energy.