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He said that the persons involved would be given due punishment but the matter should not be politicized as it was against the demands of justice.
The city's law enforcement still needs to work out ways to implement the regulations to the letter and make smokers who defy the ban receive due punishment," Xu Guihua, ` 2,000 would be charged as fine from smokers found in the vicinity of public places
ONLY in this country, with the pitterpatter of nonsense which puts rehabilitation ahead of due punishment, could a violent criminal serving 13 life sentences for a string of bank raids be put in an open prison and considered for early release.
Meanwhile, the victim's mother, Asha, demanded that in such cases, the judgement should come within a stipulated time so that the convicts receive their due punishment and there needs to be separate trial courts to speed up the process.
She'd signed away her rights to her son, they said, due punishment for her sinful behavior.
He said the drunk Saudi diplomat should receive his due punishment according to the Iranian law.
He promised that the accident will be probed in a thorough, serious and scientific manner, and those who are found responsible will receive due punishment.
For the assassin Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir, he is doomed to receive his due punishment in full at The Hague prison in the Netherlands while the curses of the oppressed defenceless people of Sudan follow and haunt him perpetually and forever.
It is fair enough to give some discount for an early guilty plea and for good behaviour while in custody, but a crime is a crime and the guilty deserve their due punishment.
Mr Karzai told an assembly of Afghan district government officials yesterday that this is "a very important day" and bin Laden received his due punishment.
American forces have killed Osama bin Laden, delivering him his due punishment," Karzai told an assembly of district government officials in Kabul, prompting the hall to erupt in applause.