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SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny had studied engineering in Vienna and was a well-known aggressive duelist, who was said to have participated in 15 sabre duels and had a very visible scar as a memento.
THIS YEAR'S WINNERS Cartridge Block Powder (37) Lefty Eastman Duelist (62) Durango Kid Frontiersman (14) Black Jack McGinnis Gunfighter (19) Easy Rider Modern (36) Tequila Traditional (147) Handlebar Doc Ladies Duelist (17) Arizona Calamity Ladies Modern (23) 2 Gun Dana Ladies Traditional (44) Island Girl Ladies Senior (8) Ramblin' Rose Junior (12) Holy Terror Senior (70) Choctaw Elder Statesman (16) Slingshot Top Gun Shootoff Sparks Top Overall Lady Holy Terror Top Overall Cowboy Handlebar Doc The number in parentheses is the number of participants in each category.
After his homicide," concluded Bulnes, "the duelist is usually acquitted .
If one duelist killed another then all involved in that duel (the seconds and the surgeons) were charged with murder.
If you were a member of the gentry, a politician, an officer and even a journalist, you were a potential duelist and were encouraged to hone your shooting skills.
They too worried about relations between ancient and modern knowledge and between individual and society, since many of their techniques better suited the lone duelist than the disciplined soldier.
There are many ways to shoot cowboy matches: Traditional, with fixed-sighted sixguns; Blackpowder, with the same sixguns with cartridges loaded with blackpowder; Duelist, using any sixgun but shooting one-handed; Gunfighter, with two sixguns, one in each hand, shooting in sequence; and Modern, using sixguns such as Ruger's Blackhawk with adjustable sights.
The game itself generally relies heavily on melee fighting between players- currently with three classes to choose from namely, The Enforcer, Tech Archer and Duelist (Brawler and Gadgeteer classes coming soon) .
We found that shooting from the duelist stance, we could easily produce palm-sized groups at 10 yards.
The only time you pay to play is during Duelist Convocation International-sanctioned tournaments (entry fees usually run $5 to $15).