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Bland, in New South Wales, and Boring are both named after early residents of their areas - William Bland and William Boring - and Dull is a Pictish word for field.
2 Grade Or Better Dull Coated Text With A Brightness Of 90% Or
Jeremy Corbyn is just not ordinary enough to join the Dull Men's Club.
The towns teamed up in 2012 after a friend of a Dull resident spotted Boring on a cycling trip.
Meddai Nia: "Mae'r cwrs yn cyfuno elfennau o ddysgu cyfathrebol a TPR Storytelling, dull dysgu iaith o'r Unol Daleithiau.
5 : not sharp or intense <I have a dull ache in my arm.
DULL PROSPECT: Agronomist Simon Francis predicts more wheat but worse quality as a result of the summer weather.
In a nutshell: Dull origin story robs Lecter of his mystery.
The headaches feel dull in nature, get worse with activity or exercise, tend to occur at the end of the day or when fatigued.
In quantity and in the hands of a crowd of graffitists, they can transform the lower reaches of a dull building--for at least the life of the batteries.
This front-page event was attended by a transfixed mob (including many former Pruitt-lgoe residents) that reportedly let out a dull roar as the buildings fell--and it is this spectacle of collective catharsis, more than the simple fact of the buildings' demise, that drives the drawings and sculptures in Michael Rakowitz's New York solo debut.
Visible defects on the surface of a molded part appear as dull, glossy, or hazy areas, or as a rippled surface, called orange peel.