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Cor, you'll be telling me there's a Turkish film that isn't as dull as ditchwater next.
His friends and family say they cannot understand why millions of viewers believe he's dull as ditchwater.
When Captain Tom Forsyth returns from Afghanistan he expects life in his leafy Berkshire home town to be dull as ditchwater.
WITH the two of the three topten finishers from Turnberry, Chris Wood and Soren Hansen, pulling out, the matches and threeballs for the SAS Masters look as dull as ditchwater but someone has got to win and Niclas Fasth's course form commends him as the 6-5 outsider in Coral's match-up with Soren Kjeldsen, writes Jeremy Chapman.
IT'S a drab time of year, we've lost the glow and radiance of late summer and feel as dull as ditchwater, but all is not lost.