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They miked the orchestra fairly close up, so you don't get any of that vague, distant, dullish sound that you do with many live recordings, with audience noises and applause at the end.
Disappointing, dullish, and just doing enough to make the knockout stages.
More significantly, she has a different aesthetic, choosing to write with a peculiar subtlety that demands all the "Ingenuity" of those dullish elves, her twenty-first century readers.
Mr Sheard - who used to own the Old Brandy Wine pub in Luddenden Foot, Halifax, but sold it some time ago - said: "The car the thieves are thought to have escaped in was dullish red.
And coach Phil Jackson, who engaged O'Neal in a battle of wills at times and had to force his team to focus in the dullish midseason months, padded his title as the best coach of this era, if not all-time.
This strategy could be seen in the diagonal juxtaposition of Thanassi Totsikas's diptych Untitled, 1994, comprising two metallic red panels, with an irregularly shaped floor work, also Untitled, 2000, by Socrates Socratous, which was made of dullish red-haired plastic brushes.