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Then I took up the pig and held him to my breast with my jacket (so he couldn't drip) till I got a good piece below the house and then dumped him into the river.
It was an oldfashioned piece of furniture, with high back and ends, and it was so heavy that even by resting the greatest weight upon the back of the Saw-Horse, the boy found himself out of breath when at last the clumsy sofa was dumped upon the roof.
With the report an iron cannonball about five inches in diameter struck Hooja's dugout just above the water-line, tore a great splintering hole in its side, turned it over, and dumped its occupants into the sea.
Quickly he emptied the balance of the contents until he had scanned each separate stone, and as he dumped them all upon the ground and stamped upon them his rage grew until the muscles of his face worked in demon-like fury, and his fingers clenched until his nails bit into the flesh.
This he dumped into Bradley's "trough," as he already thought of it.
They had merely wheeled in the coal and dumped it on the plates.
Rockefeller was moved almost to tears; eight millions which he had thought taken care of for years to come at a good interest were suddenly dumped upon his doorstep and there set up a-squawking for a new home.
Mercedes cried when her clothes-bags were dumped on the ground and article after article was thrown out.
All this he carried into the back yard and dumped in the garbage can.
They made their way to the massive stone seat which Mr Flack, the landlord, had bought at a sale and dumped in a moment of exuberance on the farm grounds.
It seemed as if a lot of men came in, dumped heavy things on the ground, squabbled a long time, then went away.
There are about 33 dumps throughout Akkar where trash is dumped at random," Hamad said.