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We hope to have the loan of a JCB for a day to load it into dumper trucks which will be able to get to the site.
Traffic police had barricaded several routes and were collecting money from the dumper drivers.
The police have impounded dumper truck and started investigation into the incident.
A turnover dumper picks up an open-top railcar gondola and spills its contents to one side, into a shallow receiving hopper adjacent to the railroad tracks.
She said: "The engine on the dumper truck was still running when I saw it.
New solid-state drives replaced the generator sets on the north dumper car pushers, which push loaded coal cars into position to be hoisted up onto the dumpers.
On Thursday, May 10, two 35-tonne Volvo dumper trucks were stolen from an open cast site in Crossgates, Fife.
We got the information from the control room that an illegal dumper was on its way.
One policeman was supervising the operation, with two diggers and two dumper trucks clearing the pebbles.
The dumper truck was up to its axles in mud and the earth-mover tipped over.
SCENE: Dumper truck in ditch at factory TRAGIC: Jason Daisley
The dumper accommodates Gaylords and other boxes from 36 in.