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Hamad said he had told government officials that Akkar is "a development-stricken area," and the talk about dumping waste in Srar would further complicate the situation in the region.
The dumping restriction applied to Kotsiatis refers to the following material: liquid waste, explosives, corrosives, oxidants, inflammables, hospital, medical and veterinary waste, used tires, electronic and electrical equipment, batteries and packaging waste, plastic bottles, metal containers, tetrapak, paper and glass.
East Asia accounts for a large and growing share of worldwide dumping.
Despite the Bush administration's claim that many of its tariff decisions are the result of obeying longstanding anti-dumping law, many of these investigations are instigated by the Commerce Department as a matter of policy and are rigged to guarantee that dumping will be found.
Schwarzenegger signed AB 664 into law, legislation that conforms to the federal anti-SUTA dumping legislation signed by President Bush in August, HR 3463.
On the other hand, keep in mind that the concentrated waste may be considered hazardous and require special dumping sites and premits.
The names and addresses of those suspected of involvement in illegal dumping will also be handed to the CAB.
I'd like to see two things emerge from the ITC's investigation: A determination that the domestic steel industry has been harmed by dumped steel, and a levying of retroactive duties, fines, or tariffs against all the countries dumping steel in the U.
Morkre and Kelly (1994) found that over the period 1980-9 the average margin of dumping in the US was 33 per cent.
For too long Sun Valley has been a dumping ground for the city of Los Angeles and we are tired of it.
Anti dumping duties are in place in Canada covering hot rolled sheet and plate from a number of countries.