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Dunce held on for a comfortable second place just nine seconds behind as Floyd crossed the line in third place.
In a sense, we have become a confederacy of dunces when it comes to knowing about critical issues confronting the public and the press.
With or without a "cap," the word is still quite alive and appears in the modern novel A Confederacy of Dunces.
He identified the responsible gene and named it dunce.
In the team race, Tyne Bridge came out on top in the men's contest with Fenwick, 10th-placed Finn Brodie and Dunce (11th).
Duncan Dunce, principal analyst at Flexlife, said: "It's great to have the opportunity to raise funds for Monty's Maggie's appeal, to help support the work they do and contribute to the development of centres in Newcastle and Aberdeen.
BIRMINGHAM shopworker Carmel Suffolk, a self-confessed dunce at school, is 'proud as punch' after passing her first A-level - at the age of 52.
Lord bless 'em all, and the dunce caps they rode in on
In the weird and wonderful world of Quahog, Peter's pet pooch Brian does all right by the ladies, so it's hard to imagine that loveable dunce Cleveland would appear to be more of a catch than our pontificating fourlegged friend.
A tip of the dunce cap goes to Brockton District Court Clerk Magistrate Kevin Creedon, who last week presided over a deal permitting R&B singer Bobby Brown to sidestep cocaine possession charges in return for mentoring the city's youth for a year.
Any dunce who allows the punishing of kids over their parents' mistakes is the one who deserves to be shamed.
Just like the mum who is convinced her little angel makes child prodigy Ruth Lawrence look a bit of a dunce, so cat owners believe their moggies are Einstein with paws.