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DUNG. Manure. Sometimes it is real estate, and at other times personal property. When collected in a heap, it is personal estate; when spread out on the land, it becomes incorporated in it, and it is then real estate. Vide Manure.

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A panel of judges, led by former NFL Head Coach Tony Dungy, will select one recipient to receive a $50,000 grant in athletic apparel and sports equipment for their school.
The one thing that we have to be careful about is to think it's all of a sudden gotten worse or these guys are different,'' Dungy said.
I do, however, believe that the media attention that comes with it will be a distraction," Dungy said as per(http://espn.
Since retiring as a coach in 2008, Dungy and his wife Lauren have been active in a number of charitable organizations including The Dungy Family Foundation, whose mission involves strengthening, sustaining and empowering communities by providing opportunities to those in need through education as well as emotional and financial support.
If a student comes back [from serving in the military], they may be 20 or in their 20s--but they must be treated as adults," says Dungy, who has spoken to troops here and abroad.
Dungy also will serve as a resource to the NFL Player Development staff and the team Player Development Directors.
Tony Dungy ended the 2002 season with his reputation as the most successful coach in Tampa Bay's history enhanced after guiding them to the NFL play-offs for the fourth time in his six-year reign.
Dilfer completed nine-of-22 passes for 181 yards, helping Bucs coach Tony Dungy to his first win in seven games against the Packers.
and got right down to business, paying little attention to the environmental displays, free music and refreshments," said Candlestick Point park ranger Dan Dungy.
22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Super Bowl-winning coach and All Pro Dad national spokesperson, Tony Dungy, announces the 23 Blast Bowl in conjunction with the family-friendly drama-currently the #1 sports movie on iTunes and available now on DVD and Digital HD.
Harrison and his fellow Football Night in America analyst Tony Dungy took part in a conference call with the media this week, and they know the Pats and Colts well.
Last week, coach Mark Helfrich confirmed that senior wide receiver Eric Dungy was exploring options to transfer and play his final season in a different program, probably South Florida.