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Before making his winning dunk, Mitchell peeled off his Jazz jersey to reveal a vintage Carter jersey from the Toronto Raptors.
Going with Nance, whose dunk over Kevin Durant might be the best dunk of the season, could be the best choice.
I was so ecstatic and happy for him because he always does all these dunks in practice, he says he's going to dunk on somebody, this and that.
Competing in the Slam Dunk Contest here come June will mean a lot to me," he summed up.
Ben Ray, festival organiser for Slam Dunk, said: "I'm very happy to win this award of course.
We have found that out a few times," said Dunk, who was a ballboy at Wimbledon as a youngster and was driven to Selhurst Park by his football-mad father Mark.
A shield of strength at one end and a towering threat at the other, Dunk is more than a centre-half who's willing to put his body on the line for the cause.
In addition to working on Cookie Dunk Dunk, they have 14 other titles in their library including the Macworld Best Designed Game Award winner, Ramp Champ, and the highly anticipated Ramp Champ 2.
The second-year swingman was one of four players picked to compete in the annual NBA Slam Dunk Contest Saturday night during All-Star weekend in Las Vegas.
You know what this means: dunk tanks, ripping bands, free food, 30-minute-long product tosses, some character assassination on the mic .
Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) has unveiled its first new speciality aircraft with a marketing partner in 17 years, the NBA-themed Slam Dunk One.