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Biomedical engineers atJohns Hopkins have developed a new liquid material that in early experiments in rats and humans shows promise in restoring damaged soft tissue relatively safely and durably.
In electrical equipment that generates heat, cable bundles must be durably protected against high temperatures.
If oil prices were to rise sharply and durably - either because of increased uncertainty or due to a significant disruption to oil supply - global growth could slow by between 0.
The executive directors agreed that monetary policy should continue to focus on price stability, essential for durably strengthening competitiveness.
The process for imparting flame resistant properties involves treating a target fabric with one or more flame retardant chemicals (and, preferably, a softening agent) and then curing the treated fabric to durably affix the flame retardant to the fabric.
Durably constructed, they feature built-in name tag holders to help identify each individuals setup.
Talking to a private TV channel here on Wednesday, she reiterated that until the issue of peace and stable security could be settled, solution for other major challenges could not be sought durably.
The Securion printer is the ideal solution to personalize and durably protect secured badges.
Consider the durably cloying "at the end of the day.
67) This had seldom to do with a socialist ethic of class unity, but rather plain good sense expressed most durably in the biracial and sometimes integrated unionism of AFL affiliates among mine workers, teamsters, and longshoremen.
Directors also welcomed the authorities' readiness to further prioritize the public investment program and their commitment to contain current expenditure and strengthen non-hydrocarbon revenues if risks of durably low oil prices materialize.
Zenawi stressed during the meeting that Russia which a permanent member of the UN Security Council could play critical role to settle durably the Sudanese crisis, according to the official ENA.