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Washington, May 10 (ANI): People assume that knowing the duration of a pleasant event will 'kill the fun', whereas knowing the duration of an unpleasant event makes it tolerable.
6) Analyzing the aggregate reserve duration is essential to the macrohedging of a life insurer.
Merten S, Dratva J and Ackermann-Liebrich U, Do baby-friendly hospitals influence breast-feeding duration on a national level?
Our study has demonstrated long-term duration of SARS-CoV excretion in stools.
Estimating time to pregnancy from current durations in a cross-sectional sample.
The results from this study support the hypothesis that responding to the CS under the signaled random procedure is affected by CS duration relative to cover-stimulus duration.
Airline Emirates Duration 16 hours, 20 minutes Distance 13,144km
The analysis focuses on the comparison of the syllable rhyme durations and duration ratios in trisyllabic, tetrasyllabic and pentasyllabic words.
The average session length was 31 minutes for short duration, low intensity; 58 minutes for long duration, low intensity; and 40 minutes for long duration, high intensity.
Duration of Election tribunal of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa has been extended to three months while election tribunal duration of other three provinces has been extended to 6 months.
The four SMT force-time profiles differed in their impulse phase duration respectively set to 125ms, 175ms, 225ms, and 275ms.
If we define high-duration Treasury bonds as bonds of this type with durations above the median duration of all Treasury bonds outstanding, 44 percent of the market value of all Treasury bonds was in high-duration bonds at year-end 1872.