during the interval

See: ad interim
References in classic literature ?
To discover him at Rolliver's, to sit there for an hour or two by his side and dismiss all thought and care of the children during the interval, made her happy.
During the interval of three centuries which has elapsed since the publication of this volume of Nevelet's, no book, with the exception of the Holy Scriptures, has had a wider circulation than Aesop's Fables.
It was about a month after this (and during the interval I had seen nothing of Legrand) when I received a visit, at Charleston, from his man, Jupiter.
Sir Patrick showed signs of failing patience during the interval of expectation through which he was now condemned to pass.
Very likely the porter had received new instructions during the interval of the prince's absence; his manner was so different now.
But of all this I could say nothing--nothing decisive at least; uncertainty sealed my lips, and during the interval of silence by which alone I replied to Mr.
During the intervals of the ceremony, the principal chiefs, who officiate as priests, instruct them in their duties, and exhort them to virtue and good deeds.
When his mother was absent, he slept most of the time, while during the intervals that he was awake he kept very quiet, suppressing the whimpering cries that tickled in his throat and strove for noise.
If only Peter Collins had mentioned something to me or any of the staff at the venue during the interval, then I'm sure something could have been done.
Should the Bears reach the final on Saturday 19 September, the winning teams from Rugby School will be invited to compete during the interval in a final of their own.
They cost PS25 each and include a glass of bucks fizz and canapes during the interval.
The presentation was made at Cambridge Road Baths during the interval of the cubs' annual swimming gala.