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Other healthy traits included thoroughness, reliability, deliberation, competence and dutifulness.
When appropriately cultivated, the four germs flower into the four virtues, respectively, of benevolence, dutifulness or righteousness, propriety or ritual observance, and wisdom (combining Lau and Van Norden).
There is an aura of indefatigable dutifulness about his womanly comportment, always amplified by the point that on no account would his thought-soul compel him to desire doing all those things boys and men ordinarily desire and do.
Tobias Hoheisel's sets emphasise the confines imposed both by a provincial Russian environment and by emotional dutifulness.
The Smyth-Gray controversy thus illustrates the fault lines of the Henrician Settlement, as both writers, making claims for the dutifulness of their own conflicting positions, encapsulate the muddle at the heart of the Henrician Reformation.
Planterly "Munificence," he argued, would reinforce social bonds and strengthen slave owners' authority, predisposing slaves toward greater contentment, dutifulness, and respect.
Later it evolved into a morality epic that would nurture in children the Christian ideals of dutifulness, justice, prudence, self-control, love, and fidelity that Lewis believed so important for the survival of human society.
In part at least, Morris' revision of the Laxdaelasaga as "The Lovers of Gudrun" was animated by stoic grief over his estrangement from his wife, and I find it difficult to fathom the complex blend of denial, indirection, compensatory dutifulness, and genuine adherence to a frayed ethic of artistic brotherhood which may have underlain Rossetti's just recognition of its literary stature.
Individuals who are high in conscientiousness score highly in ratings of competence, order, dutifulness, achievement striving, self-discipline, and deliberation.
But the existence of the third space is modified by the tentativeness of a subjunctive and the dutifulness necessary to attain it, grammatical and semantic shifts that question its accomplishment.
Dutifulness was one theory but stubbornness is probably the real answer, especially as it became clear that no one in her circle seemed to like the man.
Our recalcitrant hero is not reprimanded--hardly an edifying moral conclusion--and dutifulness goes unrewarded.