duty owed

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77] Beyond the obligation to allow individual franchisees to use the Dunkin' Donuts system, the contracts created, through express language and by necessary implication, a duty owed to the franchisees collectively to take reasonable measures to support and enhance the brand.
Sitting with Lady Justice Thirlwall and Mr Justice Lewis, he said the duty owed by paramedics and other health workers in a similar position, was owed to 'individuals' and their employers, rather than a specific duty to the general public.
But that is not to say that the duty owed to the claimant (Ms Grimes) under the Occupiers' Liability Act 1957 required the defendant to put the pool out of bounds that night.
Whether your practices conformed to the duty owed will be for the jury to decide.
tobe for The court confirmed the duty of care owed to a commercial buy-to-let purchaser was no different from the duty owed to a residential purchaser.
Based on these facts the plaintiff alleged that the defendants willfully and wantonly breached a duty owed to the decedent under the Domestic Violence Act.
Mr Beloff said that this constituted economic damage only, rather than physical damage, and would be beyond the scope of any duty owed by the defendants.
Secondly, to hide behind semantics and morphology to avoid tackling the important issue contained in my motion - namely to persuade Government to change its policy of siting bail homes in residential areas - is an abrogation of the duty owed by them to their constituents.
The plaintiff-child argued that by virtue of the physician's breach of the duty owed, the child had been harmed, that is, had been forced to endure his affliction by not being aborted.
While the court recognised the company had fully cooperated with the council during its investigation and had taken preventative steps to prevent the risk of further accidents taking place, it described the accident as a serious breach of the duty owed by the company under the Act.
This may mean that Petruchio's tormenting of Kate is presented as being merely playful, or that Kate's notorious final speech about the duty owed by wives to their husbands is played as ironic.
It is estimated that the duty owed on the haul, if it had been sold legitimately, would have been around pounds 500,000.