dwelling place

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Here I want to focus just on dwelling places, leaving the complex topics of local community and the surrounding bio-region for another article.
Space is transformed into dwelling place through the gradual blurring of the initial, distinct subject/object differentiation between the individual and his or her environment.
Fire Safety Installation: Bill Cunningham, Dwelling Place, 24.
In Christianity, what H is the name of the dwelling place of God and all souls who have been faithful on Earth?
Dwelling place values are self-reported; 59% have a value equal to or exceeding $100,000, and 90% are valued at $50,000 or more.
Coming forth from what caverns in search of what new dwelling place, what insects and what weeds?
A Mandala is a symbol of the universe, dwelling place of God.
The study group looked at the characteristics of the index case and physical dwelling place, and the health status and behaviours of individual household members during the period of interest.
Built in the late ninth century by the Khmer king Yasovarman I, who moved his capital from Roluos to Angkor, Phnom Bakheng is one of the foremost examples of the 'temple mountain' style, in which the composition is intended to represent Mount Mehru, the sacred dwelling place of the Hindu gods.
Although Zulick is clearly on target when she argues that "the ability to imagine oneself in the position of the other" (31) is essential for the production of ethical discourse, it is not completely clear how a theory of ethical rhetoric is tied either to a theory of aesthetics or to a particular ethos, in Hyde's sense of a dwelling place.
In Rene Descartes' venerable philosophy of mental-physical dualism, the mind is the dwelling place of the soul and the laws of physics apply only to the realm outside the mind.
Clair's Hospital, Compassionate Care--The Dwelling Place, 410 West Blackwell, Dover, NJ 07801.