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Strategic location of the fort was the cause that central government of Iran in Qajar period made a special effort to preserve the castle, because it has not been easy and local access for English spies had followed up Russian activities in Central Asia, this point has been considered to be the first dwelling place of Googlans.
New Delhi, Sept 30 ( ANI ): President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday said that Khadi has the unique capability to create employment at the dwelling place of artisans with very low capital requirement.
He also founded Dwelling Place Publishing, which gave him the opportunity to meet many authors, educators, stores and others in the greater publishing world.
They said that the new SHO is harbouring gambling fearlessly with the assistance of policemen appointed for more than eight to ten years at the place including drivers and other policemen (Ghufran, Salim, Khalil and others) who work in other police stations but use Ichra Police Station as their dwelling place.
Implicit in the Garden story is the idea that Eden was God's dwelling place, where He dwelt in close proximity to the first man and woman.
The building was so substantial that it provided a dwelling place and was listed in the 1851 Census as being home to Nicholas and Ann Jones and their four children.
Memory trickery Memories reside in a dwelling place Where unchangeable truth is faltering Before chosen beliefs Though magic has no invasive power Strong emotions keep altering Facts that are accurate and fixed Multi-coloured memories change a scene To ease the ache of looking back At invented recollections Then loving tears smudge the album When nice nostalgia wants to display An array of selected photographs VERA CRANMER, Wallsend.
I will continue keeping a record until they find a permanent dwelling place.
A building as God's dwelling place was replaced by Jesus as God's dwelling place.
In its ruling, the Tribunal held that: "where a taxpayer has a property right to the subject premises, it is neither necessary nor appropriate to look beyond the physical aspects of the dwelling place to inquire into the taxpayers' subjective use of the premises.
That despite the chaos, the pain and anxiety around us, there will be a day when "the dwelling place of God is with people .
Those familiar with the central cloying sentimentality of How Lovely is They Dwelling Place, popularly extracted as a church or cathedral anthem, would be shocked to find a score with an equally sinister underbelly.