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If you are not building dwelling places for the soul, what are you building?
Clan dwelling places are disappearing, and wanderers, both human and Fae, who venture onto those roads as they are closing never come home again.
Maybe that's why there are 12 gates to the heavenly city and many dwelling places within God's house.
In addition, those who sustained major damage to their dwelling places were less likely to identify government as an important aid source in the short term.
Precautionary principles for the siting of base stations near to schools, hospitals and dwelling places are adopted and urgent interim planning guidance issued;
Pilgrimage in Egypt meant retracing the steps of the Holy Family during their exile in Egypt and making pilgrimages to the dwelling places of holy men who were preeminently Christ-bearers.
This is the Cairo which'll see its people stepping out of the comfort and security of their dwelling places and calling Tahrir Square " home" for 18 days.
With no electricity or water supply, residents of Al Shohba rock share their dwelling places with rats and scorpions.
He also noted that one of the main causes behind the reluctance of jobseekers to accept jobs in the private sector are: willingness to work in the public sector, the majority of job seekers, who are covered by the grant of women, prefer to work in their dwelling places, or selecting certain companies that have no vacancies , as some jobseekers prefer to work in specific institutions, such as oil and gas companies or public enterprises, such as wastewater ,Methanol and Salalah Port and other institutions that have no vacancies at present .