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The rest have disappeared, either from the regions in which their fathers dwelt, or altogether from the earth.
She put the vile side of him out of her mind, and dwelt only on recollections of his occasional acts of kindness to her.
There was once a tired and rather poverty- stricken Princess who dwelt in a cottage on the great highway between two cities.
Harriet was very ready to speak of the share he had had in their moonlight walks and merry evening games; and dwelt a good deal upon his being so very goodhumoured and obliging.
Encouraged by this to a further examination of his opinions, she proceeded to question him on the subject of books; her favourite authors were brought forward and dwelt upon with so rapturous a delight, that any young man of five and twenty must have been insensible indeed, not to become an immediate convert to the excellence of such works, however disregarded before.
Reed lie buried; and led by this thought to recall his idea, I dwelt on it with gathering dread.
The latter's distraction at his bereavement is a subject too painful to be dwelt on; its after-effects showed how deep the sorrow sunk.