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He filled his lungs with the pure, sweet air, while his brain dwelt upon thoughts of happiness, and his heart overflowed with gratitude and religious fervour.
As I lay there thinking, I naturally dwelt upon myself and my situation.
I dwelt upon the fact that Sophy - who I do assure you, Copperfield, is the dearest girl
All there looked on them wondering, and it came into the thoughts of some of them that these were none other than the Wolf-Brethren who dwelt upon the Ghost Mountain.
First, he dwelt upon the fact that Madeline Bray was devoted to the support and maintenance, and was a slave to every wish, of her only parent, who had no other friend on earth; to which Ralph rejoined that he had heard something of the kind before, and that if she had known a little more of the world, she wouldn't have been such a fool.
Now, if I offer myself to Bray as his son-in- law, upon one simple condition that the moment I am fast married he shall be quietly released, and have an allowance to live just t'other side the water like a gentleman (he can't live long, for I have asked his doctor, and he declares that his complaint is one of the Heart and it is impossible), and if all the advantages of this condition are properly stated and dwelt upon to him, do you think he could resist me?
You may be sure," said Wemmick, touching me on the sleeve, "that he never dwelt upon the strength of her hands then, though he sometimes does now.
Presenting Railway Budget for 2015-16 in Parliament today he dwelt upon the resource mobilization by Railways.
The meeting dwelt upon one agenda item of approving PSB's financial outlay that included releasing grants to its affiliated Sports Federations and its budget for 2013-14.
This is an avenue that should be further dwelt upon and we may possibly discover new cures for the new-age medical problems.
More specifically, we dwelt upon the efforts of our governments to adopt adequate measures both on a national and an EU level, so as to accelerate economic growth and improve competitiveness.
As the years rolled by, he forget what went on, and his memory of her image, he no longer dwelt upon.