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Dyeable carpet fibers made with Kromalon reportedly have better stain and bleach resistance, antimicrobial properties, and cleanability than nylon and polyester fibers.
They can be finished in a variety of ways, all energy-saving, and they are dyeable and printable.
BASF's Mooo dyeable polypropylene technology is a new coloration process for use in the mxtile and apparel industry.
And, Fibervisions' CoolVisions products are the first disperse dyeable polypropylene fibers available to the market.
Six different collections offer bridal, dyeable and evening shoes, designer couture shoes, teen shoes, everyday value shoes, fashion fun shoes and comfort shoes - all in larger hard to find sizes.
For example, an increase in demand for dyeable goods would tend to favor polyester, which can be piece-dyed, over olefm which must be dope-dyed or used in its natural state.
Eastman copolyester--this unique family of glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalates was developed for binder fiber and deep dyeable applications.
Known commercially as KromaLon(TM), the new technology (patent pending) allows fiber manufacturers to produce polyolefin fibers that are disperse dyeable and printable, yet which retain the beneficial properties of polypropylene, including superior stain and moisture resistance.
This collection was followed up by Unforgettable Moments by Lela Rose (TM), a collection of dyeable special occasion shoes that launched late in 2008.