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Use of oil soluble dyes to mark adult Eldana saccharina (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).
Names like Fakhtai, Sandali, Kafuri, Jilani, Dilbahar and Aquilquami evoke Persian and Arabian influences on the emergence of this new collection of dyes.
The dyes present in water not only affect the aquatic life, but also affect drastically the health of terrestrial animals, human beings and birds living on dye contaminated water [6].
Its deflection-controlled S-Roll technology dyes a wide range of articles in reproducible and premium quality.
discharge effluents containing dyes as major pollutants into water bodies (Bhatnagar and Jain, 2005).
Dyeing is such a beautiful way to see nature and chemistry in action--the difference the nature of fibers makes; the difference a bit of metal mordant makes; the way some dyes strike enthusiastically but others need overnight soaking.
ABSTRACT: Natural pigments extracted from plants are raised as a vital substitute to artificial dyes.
USPRwire, Wed Feb 08 2017] Liquid leather dyes are applicable to an exclusive range of leather products.
I remember the shock waves that San Francisco allergist Ben Feingold sent through the country in the mid-1970s when he charged that artificial food dyes cause hyperactivity in some people.
Sumifix Supra dyes developed by Sumitomo showed minimal sensitivity to changes in electrolyte, alkali, liquor and exhibit high fixation over a range of processing conditions as compared with homobifunctional dyes (Aspland, 1993; Abeta et al.
Green sees working with natural dyes as a way for students to explore the intersection of science, design, and sustainability.
Synthetic dyes are widely used in textile, leather and other dye-stuff industries.